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    Hi there can someone help please?

    This is for the Roland Fa-08.

    I have one song where I play a rhythm part on the right hand side of the split, and a riff/melody on the left side.
    The riff/melody is a two part harmony, but I’m only good enough to play one key at a time whilst maintaining the rhythm part on the right hand side.

    How can I get they keys to sound two notes? i.e one the actual note and the other the pre-programmed harmony note I want.





    You should be able to add another layer to do this. If you press the Split and Dual buttons at the same time it will show you the advanced layering section. Create a new layer for the sound you want, in the zone you want and transpose it so it will play the harmony note that you’re looking for.



    Hi there cheers for quick reply!

    I don’t think this will work as I need to be able to assign a specific harmony note to each key, not have it just play an automatic note, as the interval changes every other note or so if that makes sense?

    So basically I need to assign an extra specific note to each note I play in the riff.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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