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    Ran into a few things that aren’t working for me in the FA06 sequencer and thought I’d post about ’em. These are around the track utility functions.

    When copying a part on a track it seems that the end position is a little illogical. If I have a 4 measure piece that I want to copy starting on measure 1 it makes sense to be me to set the start point at measure 1 and the end point at measure 4. Then I’ll select the paste position at measure 5.

    What this actually does is copy everything from the beginning of measure 1 to the end of measure 3. If you want to copy a full four measures you have to copy from measure 1 to measure 5. Then paste it at measure 5. I see the logic, but it just doesn’t seem that logical to me.

    Every time you complete a track utility such as erase or copy. When you’re done it resets the playback position back to 1. This is super frustrating if you’re doing a bunch of edits at measure 44. Every time you have to scroll the playback position all the way up to the measure you were just on.

    If I’m sitting at measure 44 and hit copy or erase under the track utilities the start measure ALWAYS comes up as 1. Why wouldn’t it default that value to the measure that the playback head is on. It’s WAY more likely that I’m gonna want to edit at the position I’m currently listening to.

    We need a firmware upgrade to address some of these issues.



    I hope Roland gives us a new firmware upgrade to make sequencer more user friendly…



    Definitely, it’s been too long since an update. All we can do is keep checking the update page here:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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