Roland FA-06 / FA-08 User Group

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Hey everyone,

The Roland FA-06 / FA-08 User Group was started to provide a dedicated communication channel for users of the Roland FA workstation. I’m an owner of the keyboard and thought it would be cool to chat with  other owners about patches, technical stuff and other stuff about the board.

Let’s  make this  a valuable resource for new and seasoned users of this keyboard. Sign up, and create a post about how you use the FA-06 or 08.  Whether you use it live, for the studio  or just for home use I wantot hear about it.

Let’s help everyone make the most out of this keyboard!

6 thoughts on “Roland FA-06 / FA-08 User Group

  1. I am the proud owner of the FA-08. I have not figured out how to have a patch say piano and strings and use a volume pedal to fade in and out just the strings. I REALLY need to get a handle on this. Could you give me any tips on this? I would be so grateful………….Thanx, Terry

    1. Hey Terry, I haven’t tried a volume pedal yet, but you should register and post this in the forum, I bet there’s someone out there who can help!

  2. Hi guys, I’m new to FA 06. Can anyone tell me how to save an effect (MFX) to a studio set? Whenever I try to save the studio set with the changes made on my Master effects (MFX) it gives the message “Studio set write” – Edited tone will be discarded, are you sure? Pls tell me how to save the studio set with the change in effects made. Thanks in advance.

  3. So now I’ve managed to load 2 Expansions and have noticed that my FA-08 takes a little longer to boot up. So now! How do I remove the expansions from the FA-08 when I’m no longer using them? Even resetting the FA-08 to Factory doesn’t do it! Thanks.

    1. I haven’t noticed any significant changes in boot performance with expansions, and I’m not sure how to remove them from the FA06. You could try loading some different expansions over top of the ones you have and see if that improves your boot speed.

  4. I just bought a Roland FA-08 keyboard and was wondering if there is any adjustment
    to the sustain level when using a pedal? It seem to be rather weak, not like a real grand piano.

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