How To Import Samples Into Your Roland FA06 / FA08 Sample Pads

IMG_20150411_132018One of the first things I wanted to do when I unboxed my new Roland FA06 was import some fresh samples and try out those sample pads! Here’s a quick start guide on how to import samples into your FA06 sample pads. (The video that follows is me importing a couple of  samples into my FA06)

Step 1: Copy Samples Onto Your SD Card

If you haven’t already, first remove the protector that covers the SD card on the back of your keyboard. You’ll need a Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws. Set the plate aside and press inwards on the SD card to release it. Then slide it out. Put your SD card into an SD card reader (Here’s the one I use on Amazon: FA06 SD Card Reader). Copy you WAV or MP3 samples into the IMPORT folder on your FA06 SD card. Now you can remove your SD card from the computer and put it back into the FA06. I don’t think you have to power down to put the card back into the FA06. I didn’t and it worked fine.

Step 2: Load Your Samples From the SD Card to Your FA06 Sample Pads

  1. Press the SAMPLE button to the left of the sample pads.
  2. Hold SHIFT and press the SAMPLE IMPORT soft key (#5).
  3. Use the CURSOR buttons to highlight the sample that you would like to import and click SELECT.
  4. Use the CURSOR buttons to select the pad that you would like to drop the  sample on and press the EXECUTE soft key (#7).
  5. Click OK.

The FA06 will convert the file to Roland format and the sample pad that you selected during the import will now be glowing red and ready to use!  Products Used:

Here’s My Video Demonstration on How to Load Samples On Your Roland FA06

If you have any questions, please leave me a comment!

16 thoughts on “How To Import Samples Into Your Roland FA06 / FA08 Sample Pads

  1. hi
    i need your help please’
    when i import a sample by sd card’ all the pads of akk 4 banks are already used by manufacture roland samples. is there any way to find empty pads or i must replace my new sample with exsisted one?

    i really appriciate your help

    1. Hey there, here’s how to get some empty sample pads to work with on the FA06:
      Samples on the FA06 are stored by song. All you have to do is load a new song and that will initialize all of the sample pads for you.

  2. Hi, I have some questions about the FA sampling feature:
    1) When I edit a sample , can I do the Time slice, to divide the sample in time beats?
    If yes, then can I cancel (If need it) the result of Time Slice operation?
    2) When I edit a sample, can I change the pitch of the sample in real time?
    3) Can I do Resampling with the FA?
    4) On the page 14-22 and 69-117 of the Parameter Guide manual, I see a list of IFX and MFX, can I apply those effects to the samples in real time?

    Thank you very much for your patience

    All my Best,

    1. Hey there, hopefully these answers help you:

      1. You cannot Time Slice samples in the FA06.
      2. You may be able to change the pitch with an onboard effect on the FA06 but you can’t change the pitch in sample edit mode.
      3. Yep you can resample on the FA06.
      4. All of those effects can be applied to the samples in the FA06 as you play them.

  3. Can i load my own sample tone to the fa 06 and play them via keys ,nt through sample pads.?? for eg take a fantom g6 tone or a vst tone and load the waveform and play manually on keys ,nt through sample pads??

    1. Unfortunately no, not that i know of. The only way i can get the samples triggered by the keys rather than the pads can be seen in my video here: i don’t know of any way to get the samples to change pitch by key or anything lile that though.

  4. My Roland 08 shows the filed on the SD card but when I hit execute, although it says sample imported, the sampled doesn’t actually get imported. Any idea how to fix this.

  5. I just found your article while I was researching a problem. I keep getting “incorrect file” when I try and load some of my own samples I created in Adobe Audition. I’ve tried wav and aif file types and both at 44 and 48 Hz, but I cannot get these sounds to import to the pads. Do you know how to resolve this “incorrect file ” error?

    1. Hi Steve, can you confirm that the files are 16 bit, 44.1 khz and pcm wav files? Audition may be putting them at 32 bits which won’t import.

  6. Hello!
    I hope you answer me because I’m desperate! I bought this keyboard and the seller assured me that I can put my samples on octaves and play my samples. I do not find the way, and I think it’s impossible. I’ve been cheated?
    Thank you very much!!

  7. Help!!!!!@I have loaded some drum click tracks into the sampler but they are short . Can i edit and lengthen them also increase the tempo? If not what do you suggest ?

  8. Hi Rob! When I go to play my sample it stops as soon as I release the pad, which is frustrating. Is there any way of turning of the release function? I noticed there’s a Hold button, but it seems pretty useless as you then need to hold that even though it keeps the samples playing.

  9. Hi, is it possible to use all keyboard with sounds that I need (piano, strings and others..) while I’m using pads with wav samples loaded? (Effects, rumors etc..) I hope pads are indipendent from normal Keys.. thank you for answer

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